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Access the bablefish translation service

BROKEN when Yahoo took down their service and Bing put up an in-compatible replacement.

New version using Bing is pending

The FishInEar desktop applet from Can2Can is Freeware that uses your internet connection to obtain translations from the bablefish webservice. FishInEar is a small window with "stay on top" set as a permanent attribute, it can be used on top of any other window, switching focus back and forth without having to use the taskbar tab to get FishInEar visible.

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  1. Place the text to be translated into the Phrase box:
    • Type a few words into the phrase box.
    • Or, paste the few words into the phrase box using keyboard shortcuts
    • Or, click the "Paste" button to paste the words into the phrase box.
    • or, just activate the Windows Clipboard Paste/Copy feature (check the "Clip" checkbox), and copy some text to the clipboard.
  2. If the text is English to be translated to one of the other six supported languages, click one of the six "To ~" buttons, if the original text is in one of the other six, click the appropriate "From ~" buttons.
  3. The "Done" checkbox will uncheck, and the text will be sent to bablefish for translation
  4. As soon as the service returns the translated text, it shows in the Phrase box and the "Done" checkbox is checked.
    • If the Windows Clipboard Paste/Copy feature is active, the translated text is also on the Windows Clipboard and can be pasted into your target document with ease
    • If you are not using the automation, you can still use either the "Copy" button or your other prefered method to retrieve the translation from the phrase box

When translating between other languages (for example, preparing a Spanish version of a French original) the Windows Clipboard Paste/Copy feature should be off, and manual copy and paste used - for the example, paste the French into the Phrase box, click "From French", wait for the Done check, Click "To Spanish", again wait for the Done check, and copy out the result.

This applet was built in Microsoft VB6, and requires the VB6 runtime library

This is the FishInEar Zip-file link, click to download


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