Download any needed MS Agents

Job and Jonah require MS Agent Core Services

The agents featured include MS Agents Peedy, Genie, and Merlin

The remaining featured players include agents from eClips and La Cantoche

All agents featured must be in your local "Agents" folder ready for use

If in doubt where to save other Agents, check where Microsoft placed the "Peedy.acs" file

Job requires

Bible-Book as the Book
Ben as Bildad the Shuhite
Chuck as Eliphaz the Temanite
James and Paul as the messengers of Doom
Ozzar as Zophar the Naamathite
Louis as young Elihu ben Barachel
Becky as Job's wife

Jonah requires

Ozzar as the Storyteller
Ben as Captain of the ship from Tarshish
James and Paul as sailors of Tarshish
Louis as the King of Nineveh