Product Information:   16-bit release of NotesPad
for Windows 3.1 and 3.11
16-bit NotesPad was developed to replace the deficient NOTEPAD.EXE program that was shipped with Microsoft Windows 3.1 and 3.11 (Windows for Workgroups). Its developers wanted to allow editing of multiple files without resorting to the cumbersome Windows MDI interface. The result:   a straightforward text editor with a useful, practical feature set that is far superior than NOTEPAD.
This program was developed as a gift to be given back to the Internet ... it is a freeware program that doesn't cost anybody anything!
v.5.0 is the very last 16-bit release.   (All bugs are henceforth to be considered as features.  ;-)
  • Edits up to eight large text files at once - with no MDI interface.
  • Can be the system associated TXT editor (and more) even when already running!
  • Open or drag multiple files at once.
  • Remembers settings for all previously edited files -- word wrap, font, text position, etc.
  • Easy log file viewing updates.
  • Multiple redo and undo.
  • Spike (cumulative clipboard) function.
  • Word wrap, paper wrap, auto indent, margins, tab options, etc.
  • Neat tools like text macros, sorting, joining, case manipulation, line shifting, and roll-your-own file filters.
  • Definable quick file reload list, built in system file editor.
  • Cool interface.
  • A multi-file editor that incorporates multiple files into a tabbed-notebook design instead of the Windows MDI interface. The file "windows" are called tabs because you normally use the "tab" at the bottom of each file to access them.
  • Can be obtained in both 16-bit and 32-bit versions, as and There are substantial differences between these versions beyond their operating system functions such as long file names and cooperative multitasking and memory limits. See info about the 32-bit version for comparison.
  • Excellent for editing multiple HTML documents.
  • Can be your system editor (replacing Window's NOTEPAD.EXE) even when already running! Just re-associate text files (*.TXT) from NOTEPAD.EXE to NOTESPAD.EXE (note the 'S ') and then start double-clicking them from your file manager!
  • Remembers the full state of all previously edited files.
What's it cost?     Nothing
Getting 16-bit NotesPad

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