Product Information:   32-bit release of NotesPad for Windows NT, Win95, Win98
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Reviewed by CFS, January 26, 2001:

"NotesPad is a sensational Windows NotePad replacement ... amazing!  It offers so many options it's like getting behind the steering wheel of a foreign car - it does so much you almost don't know where to start."

Use NotesPad to replace the deficient Windows NOTEPAD.EXE editor. It runs the first time you need it just like Notepad, but then can be left running. Notespad reacts the same way to Windows load-me calls whether loading or already loaded -- you'll love this feature. See "Notespad As Notepad" under the Help menu for more on this...

This program was developed as a gift to be given back to the Internet ... it is a freeware program that doesn't cost anybody anything!
v.8.0 is the very last 32-bit release.   (All bugs are henceforth to be considered as features.  ;-)

And ...

What's it cost?     Nothing.
Getting 32-bit NotesPad

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