This is a proposed matching of the symbols seen on television with the sounds most commonly heard for the traditional chants of the Bajoran language, with the most comon consonants equated to an icon, and that icon is rotated to indicate the folowing vowel, with provision for having consonants and vowels explicitly identified, and for the less common consonants to be assigned to the final rotation of the icon.

For example, used to spell several names from the show, the prayer for healing, the opening invocation of the gratitude festival, the mariage blessing, and the Prayer of mourning.

If you want to use these, DONT. Print the graphic, download the phonobet font, and generate clean copies for your use, in the desired color and size.


Bajoran Writer

Here is a script that will generate Bajoran "spelling" for what you type

Type a name or phrase into the box, and hit the button to see it in Bajoran phonograms.
The script will open a new window with the phonograms. You can save or print that window.

Bajoran (tall) style
English (wide) style
include english letters
Just Bajoran

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