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Main Themes

Here are some "main" themes, with splash-screens to replace the Win95 "flag in the clouds" page, the two shut-down screens, and matching wallpaper. No sounds, cursors, or icons are included in these.

A StarFleet/Federation set with LCARS look wallpaper;

A Deep Space Nine "Cardassian" look; and, a Bajoran look.

Themed Cursors!!

A themed cursor is a set of cloned/diferentiated animated cursors that provide the look of a single cursor providing status messages, instead of changing to "something else" to show status.

To use:
Unzip to the \Plus!\Themes directory on a computer running Windows 95 or later; from the control panel, select "desktop themes" and select the cursor theme; select to ONLY use pointers, so the rest of your system is not altered; click "apply". Later, in Control Panel/Mouse/Pointers, set it as a "Scheme" for faster recall.

Other cursor sets, grouped by theme but not looking like clones of each other, are available many places Dierk's directory of Space-theme Anicursors.

A simple pointing hand, to show the Bajoran Way

Starfleet Engineering's Feinberg oscillating Framizam
Submitted to NonagsThe best directory of freebies!

A variation on the classic Arrow Head Cursor.

AHeads-Up Tactical display.

The Klingon version (Any Klingons out there with a detailed critique?)

The look of the data displays on DS9, for any Cardasians out there

These are not animated, just static shapes, of a Two Button Mouse, or, of a target ring done in "inverted screen", and a simple hand

Some odds and ends, not a full cursor theme.

To fill out your Bajoran Desktop, a dll file with some icons and a full set of the Bajoran glyphs, in icon format, with names.


Spiders De-Bugging (Version of 7/6/03)  Can2Can's ShareWare DeskSet is available here.
DeskSet provides a small business user with a decent time-clock, note taking, sales tax and time payment calculations, and more. DeskSet is ShareWare, and requires Registration to turn on some features, but no time-out. (Version 2.6.67, 1.8M Cab download)

(version of 8/26/01)  Explore the Station with "Turbolift Control". Explore the Station with this Visual Basic game. Visit sites from the FidoNet MUSH ,and play a round of Dabo. (41K download)

If you like that JavaScript calculator, here is a collection of ActiveX controls for Windows, Unzip to Window/Temp/CalcKit. You will get a pair of disk-image directories, copy to floppy and run instal to get these controls properly on your system. You can use these in Visual Basic or any app that allows you to add ActiveX. Added to the ActiveX zipfile is "SimplRom", a basic calculator with Roman Numerals;

To get working calculators built using those controls (won't work if you don't have the controls setup), along with sample source code for your perusal, click here.

This will show you an answer in both Roman and common numerals, and can run without installing the controls (Alan Zisman, this is what you asked for).

Would you like a clock to go?
Would you like a clock to go?
Would you like a clock to go?

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