Private Robert Ward Edwards

359th. Infantry Regiment, 90th. Infantry Division

Portrait of Robert Ward Edwards Picture of Private Edwards

Born 14 December, 1919 to Guy and Miranda Edwards at Magnolia, Iowa.

He was inducted into the Army at Fort Des Moines, Iowa on March 22, 1942 and, from there, was sent to Camp Barkeley, Texas. After 18 months of training, he went on maneuvers into Louisiana and California.

He was given a 14-day furlough in January 1944, before he was sent to England.

Robert's letter to his father, Guy Edwards, March 19, 1944.

Robert's letter to his father, Guy Edwards, May 11, 1944.

He landed on Utah Beach for the D-Day invasion, 6 June, 1944

1 August, the 90th Division passed from the VIII Corps, First Army, to the XV Corps, Third Army

21 to 28 August, he participated in the Chambois Ambush north of LeMans, in which the 90th Division almost annihilated the German Seventh Army.

Action earning a Silver Star, East of the Mosselle River, near Kerling, November 12, 1944.

Died, December 17, 1944 (Second day of the "Battle of the Bulge", but, in a diferent part of the front).

War Department letter to Robert's father, Guy Edwards, April 22, 1947.

Silver Star Citation

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