* * The poetry of Ruth T. Whittlesey * *

Just a Girl and a Kiss

That beautiful baby is wading, you see,

But he stumbled and fell and a stone scratched his knee,

And it hurts, how it hurts. He is crying, is he?

But his dear little mother is there on the shore,

And she kisses it well, as she's oft done before,

Just a girl and a kiss and the ache is no more.

In handsome young manhood there's many a slight,

And many a wrong that he cannot set right

And often an ache through the long winter night.

Then he'll go tell his love where she sits on the lawn.

She's as brave as a lion and shy as a fawn;

Just a girl and a kiss and the worry is gone.

In dignified age when life's exit is near,

Many joys have passed by and so few to appear,

And the thought of life's failures will bring just a tear,

Then his granddaughter's smiling face catches his eye,

With her sweet, tender words she waylays a long sigh,

Just a girl and a kiss and life's sorrows die.

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