* * The poetry of Ruth T. Whittlesey * *

Resurection Hymn

He tasted the worst of our sorrows,

He understood all of our sin,

He went through our suffering and sadness,

Our paid-up salvation to win.

He arose-after hanging and dying,

He opened the sealed, guarded door,

He paid every fine and each sentence,

Our sins and our fears are no more.

He knows we're despised and rejected,

A man of great sorrows is He,

He sees when we're wounded, afflicted,

He makes intercession for me.

He rose from the tomb of the rich man-

He rolled the great stone from the door,

He lives and he loves every sinner,

He speaks to my heart evermore.

He arose in the dew of the morning,

He spoke to the soul He'd reclaimed-

He walked on the road to Emmaus,

The eleven dear friends He named.

Oh, that is not all I could tell you!

He spoke in the midst of the throng-

Every year every country adores Him-

In silence, in shouting, in Song.

He went as a lamb to the slaughter-

The Lamb for repentance was He.

He came as our all-knowing Shepherd,

A guide and a Savior for me.

He arose and He lives and He loves us,

His wandering lambs are we-

He paid for our life everlasting,

He's coming for you and for me.

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