* * The poetry of Ruth T. Whittlesey * *

To the Boy "Over There"

I did not know how much it meant

To me to have you near;

I never knew how much I counted

On your word of cheer.

Each object that mine eyes rest on

Brings me some thought of you;

Each memory of my childhood days

Brings back your childhood too.

There were we four; I never dreamed

But it would always be

We four and Mom, and Dad-you said,

"Three girls, and brothers, three."

And now there are but five of us

In mortal body still,

But Somewhere in this universe

You live and laugh at will.

While yet I marvel that this world

should try to still move on-

I see a bigger, brighter World-

The Place where you have gone.

And know that you are living in

Your same old, happy way,

With bigger work, just waiting

For our Great Reunion Day.

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