The Fruit of the Spirit is

A Matter of Apples and Oranges

Everyday observations

It is easy to tell an apple from an orange, but not always so easy to tell a wax fruit from a real fruit.

For a time you might be able to pick every orange off an orange tree, and replace them with wax apples; It would not fool an expert, and the apples would gain you nothing. The only way to really get apples is to have an apple tree.

Application to spiritual life

We are told that salvation is not from works: clearly, hanging wax apples on an orange tree is a profitless task. If our goal is to avoid angering God, then we should not offer to bribe him.

God told Ezekiel that salvation required a man to repent , to turn from his sin and ask for a clean start as a new person. Jesus said that salvation required us to be born of the spirit as well as of the body. Both statements indicate that the way to get apples is with an apple tree.

Forget the "Magic words" and foolish bribes, there is only one way to get to heaven; trade in your orange tree for a new apple tree, repent and become a new man and then follow the Way

Don't worry about the apples, they come naturally, not as the works to earn salvation but as the sure result.

Where is the way?

Jesus said " I am the Way, the truth and the Life, follow me." Following does not mean a weekly visit to some building, or ritual repetition of some words, it means asking "What would Jesus do" and doing as he would.

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