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Introduction, a Matter of Apples and Oranges

Jesus the Nazarene

A Comparison of Bible Narration and Legislation

How to Tell the Players Apart

What about the Messiah?

What did Jesus say about Sacrifices?

What did Jesus say about changing the Law?

Who Crucified Jesus?

Why should we care about Israel?

Why was this site posted?

Calendar cross-reference

Why did Israel go into captivity? (3000-3200 )

How did Israel rebuild under the Persians? (3200-3400 )

The Greeks and Maccabee (3400-3700 )

How was Israel nearly erased? (3700-4100 )

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. : Download David and Miriam fonts for proper display of Hebrew texts (168 kb) : .

Other fonts needed for proper display of Unicode pages on this site, and other sites, require that you obtain them from their home sites. Fonts in this category include Cardo and the Cyberbit font from the TITUS project

Pages on this site are tested for display on a computer with "David" and "Cardo" fonts installed. Pages are checked in Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer; some pages do not display as intended on non-standards-compliant browsers such as early versions of IE, but they are usable. Most of the pages were originally encoded "Windows-1255" with Hebrew scripted right-to-left, but compatibility isues with Windows 7 led to re-building all pages as unicode.

It's easy to build false arguments from a poor translation; Cite the original Hebrew, then translate.

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