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What about the Messiah?

What exactly IS the Messiah

There are passages in the Tanach to the effect that there will be a person ritually anointed to be a great leader, and restore Israel to military supremacy in the region, taking revenge on all neighbors. Standard ritual terms used in the passages include "Reign a thousand years" and "Blessed by the holy ones."

What is the Nazarene position on the Messiah?

Ancient Nazarenes, current Nazarenes or me in particular? Ancient Nazarenes generally accepted the passages as valid predictions. Modern Nazarenes do not make it a doctrinal point to believe or not. This site's position is that the vengeful actions attributed to the Messiah are un-rightous, and the passages are probably not from The LORD.

Did Jesus believe he was the Messiah?

The history and words of this Prophet have been buried under so many layers of Christian redaction that little evidence remains.. We know that those who heard his words told their neighbors that he sounded like Jeremiah returned to battle the Pharisees. He might well have believed himself a messiah, he was, after all, one of the great prophets, but even the great prophets are human, and prone to error.

Did the Nazarenes of Jesus' day accept him as Messiah?

Here the evidence is much clearer. Many of the Nazarenes of his day believed the predictions of a great messiah, and believed that Jesus would return from wherever he had gone when he disapeared, and lead Judean forces to victory over the Roman Legions.

So many Nazarenes died fighting the Romans that we were assumed extinct, and the Greek/Pagan "Christians" stole our name.

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