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Listing of sites on this page does not imply any agreement with that site's religious doctrines

Listing of sites on this page does not imply any approval of this site on their part either

Included in this list are sites that consider Nazarenes to be heretics, but they will give you free copies of important reference works. They curse us as heretics, but we must bless them for their work in making these texts available. A Christian site with both free and purchasable study texts and software.

Mechon Mamre. The Mamre Institute provides Hebrew and bi-lingual on-line and downloadable texts.

Livius, a site with a strong reputation for honest scholarship which we can strongly recomend for further reading on many of the events in these timelines.

Some sites you might find of interest

Am ha-Aretz. This site defends the Karaite/Sadducee position, an interesting argument, and worthy of a read in this debate.(Sorry, it's gone to the WebSharks) One of the Messianic sites, to get you started. Nazarenes may or may not be messianic; messianics may or may not be Nazarene. Another good source of oppinions and references. They tend to accept the Torah as guaranteed truth, without testing to see if the passage honors The Lord, or blasphemes The Lord by saying he must be bribed by feeding the priest. An Orthodox site set up to confuse the issue; The Orthodox have always cursed Nazarenes as minim that threaten their cash intake and secular power. These "Orthodox Nazarenes" manage to be neither in an either/or selection..(Not so sorry this one went to the WebSharks)

Kings Calendar has a "deconstructed/reconstructed" chronology. The online copy of the Aleppo Codex, with free access to pictures of the reference TaNaCh written about 930 CE by Shlomo Ben Boya'a, with masora added by Aharon Ben Moshe Ben Asher. This codex was used by Maimonides, and remained intact untill it was vandalized by a mob in 1947 CE.

The Scriptorium by Jack Kilmon. The whole site is interesting, this link is to the page where he offers his research and oppinions on the origin of the term Nazarene.

Noahide Nazarenes by John of AllFaith (changing, growing).

The Nazarene Way, seen as a division of Essene, rather than Essene being the alternative name for Nazarenes that was used by Josephus.

The Rejection of Pascal's Wager, A disection of Christianity in support of Atheism.

Do you know of a site that belongs on this page? Send me the URL by eMail and I'll evaluate it for inclusion.

To be considered, a site should be well worked and well reasoned; Sites with "I believe it because I read it in a book, and everyone else is a dweeb!" will not make the cut.

Sites/pages with links to the sites they argue against will receive Top-of-List treatment.

This site's position on religious debate is - "if your teachings and doctrines can not stand the heat of scrutiny, they must be false."

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