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How to tell the Players Apart

In the on-going war between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness, it behooves us to recognize which team a player is working for.

Since this website operates on the principle that The LORD our God is not a fool, and intended to give us brains, I will provide the reasons for identifying a player as acting for the Dark, and not just provide a weekly list of who to hate.

The team Names

Taken from the Dead Sea Scrolls, the names used here are reasonably self-explanatory. The Children of Light are those who have chosen to serve the Creator and help in Healing the World. The Children of Darkness have chosen to actively serve the creator's enemy.


The Creator gave us life, and made this great Universe for us to live in. The Creator's words are truthfull, and his wish is that we thrive, living long and productive lives. He has commanded us to love each other as ourselves, not enriching ourselves by cheating our fellows.


The enemy has many names and titles, Satan, The Accuser, Father of Lies, Belial, Worthless, the Deceiver. The enemy seeks to counter the Creator's desires and destroy people.

The Relation of Teams to Religions

There is very little relation between the teams of Light and Dark, and organized religions. There are agents of Darkness in positions of power within each of the major religions, using their positions to deceive and wreak havoc.

Consider the attack on the World Trade Center towers; The towers were serving the interests of the whole world, and were attacked by those who wanted to increase their own power in this world at the cost of their neighbors lives. The agents who flew the planes were servants of Destruction, using Deception to reach their ends. Those who claim that these Agents of Belial were "fighting jihad" are deceivers; jihad is an inner battle against the deceiving destroyer, not an outer act in his service.

The muslims who went to the Trade Center to die, were not in the planes, they were men who joined the New York City Fire Rescue teams as a way to serve Allah and their Neighbors. This was not an attack of Muslim on Christian, but rather an attack of the forces of Satan on both Muslim and Christian.

How can we tell when a Leader is a servant of Darkness?

There are tell-tale signs -- A claim that you can/should serve the Creator by deceiving or destroying; deception and destruction are the ways of the enemy. Claims that the battle is between Christian and Muslim or between Arab and Jew or some other form of "God wants you to kill your neighbor and give his wealth to the Priest.."

Examples? You want examples? OK, U.S. President George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden were both saying that it is a war beween Islam and Christians, and seem in a competiton to kill the most innocents, so start with them. Updated - Barak Obama, for his part, seems clueless about the nature of the conflict, and unwilling to admit the existence of a Satanic democide.

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