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History of Israel


This site uses AM, which avoids dealing with any dates "Before Zero" within the span of recorded history, and makes math simple. To translate from Hebrew years to civil calendar years (bce or BC), subtract 3760.

This page contains only the briefest outline of events over several thousand years.

Stated in the TaNaCh and Bible

Abraham was born in 1745 in Mesopotamia.

Abraham, having migrated to Canaan and met Philistines and Hittites, purchased a burial cave in Hebron in 1882.

Abraham's grandson Jacob, with a family of 70, is driven into Egypt by a great famine in Canaan, in 2033.

The 12 tribes founded by Jacob's sons return to Canaan at Jericho in 2295. From this date to the present, there has been at least a remnant continously in the land, no matter who claimed taxing rights.

Validated by archaeology and other sources

Omri was king in the northern capitol, Samaria, in 2636.

Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, took the people of Israel captive into Babylon in 3174.

Persian emperor Cyrus The Great reversed Assyrian and Babylonian deportations, The People began to return from Babylon in 3223.

The Hasmonean revolt against the Greek empire began in 3596.

The Roman Empire seized Israel in 3698.

Romans execute a troublemaker called Jesus in 3791.

Unable to absorb or overawe the Jews, Hadrian changes the name of the land and sells the population as slaves in 3895.

The Roman Empire officially declares that the Jesus they executed in 3791 is their new God and blame the Jews for making them execute him, in 4072.

The 5604 census of Jerusalem finds 7120 Jews, 5760 muslim and 3390 christians.

Britain issues the Balfour Declaration, proclaiming intent to establish a portion of their Palestine protectorate as a Jewish homeland, in 5678.

After 3,825 years of burying their dead in the land, the Jews are called "Imperialist European invaders" by the Arab newsmongers, in 5707

After three decades of paper-shuffling and six million murdered without a place of refuge, the British finally transfer control to Israel in 5708.

Clueless as to history, and desiring to follow the footsteps of Neville Chamberlain, US president Obama tells an arab audience that Israel is a European power given arab land as a guilt offering for German murders, in 5769.

US president Obama is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 5770, for his Chamberlain impresion.

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