NotesPad Text Editor for Windows
Developed by Skip Bremer
Skip considers NotesPad to be "Old tech", it will not be supported
The 16 bit and 32-bit versions are here for those who still prefer them.

Skip warns that the Uninstall does NOT work

NotesPad is unable to open files under Windows Vista or Windows 7 file-systems. We also are hosting WordTabs, by Skip
"I think that it's the best text editor
a programmer can grab off the 'Net!"
... for Windows 9x and NT and maybe Win2K

~    Don Z'Boray     ;-)
It's freeware! ... and it's not
"just another" text editor!

It's An Editor
on Styled letter steroids!
What   Others   Are   Saying . . . about   NotesPad:
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              the NotesPad review by Completely FREE Software
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Reviewed by CFS, January 26, 2001:

"NotesPad is a sensational Windows NotePad replacement ... amazing!  It offers so many options it's like getting behind the steering wheel of a foreign car - it does so much you almost don't know where to start."

"NotesPad ... You'll wonder how you managed without it!" -- TheFreeSite

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"... an endless list of functions at your disposal -- but don't dispose of this proggie!"
-- Chris Pirillo, Lockergnome

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"NotesPad is an excellent replacement for the Windows Notepad application."
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This webpage, with the stylesheet, was created in 32-bit NotesPad; It is fully compliant to web standards, with the look of Don's NewbieNet page. I use MS Notepad for some jobs, and PFE for others, but for drag/drop editing of a webpage, NotesPad has no competiton, as in, nothing can come close.

32-bit NotesPad, v.8.0   (Win 9x and NT)


Program Information

With ... 8 Spell Checking
Dictionaries !
in 6 Languages  !
16-bit NotesPad, v.5.0   (Win 3.x)


Program Information

Dictionaries are only
in 32-bit NotesPad.



Program Information

Skip Bremer's
Latest and Greatest

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